Revolution Report: The Different Styles of Electric Bikes

Here at Electric Bike Revolution, we believe that information is key and that the purchase of an Electric Bike is a serious investment in time and money. We want to give our customers every opportunity to purchase their perfect E-Bike and that includes informing them of all the different options they might have when it comes to their next Electric Bike.

That is why we have created the Revolution Report, a series of blogs that will highlight the differences that you may be considering during your Electric Bike purchase. This Revolution Report will focus on the different types of Electric Bikes:

The first question you must ask yourself when choosing a style of E-Bike is… what are you using it for? If you plan on taking long rides into the woods to hunt, you don’t want to get a Commuter Electric Bike… it wouldn’t be enough power. On the flip side, if you plan on cruising around town in your E-Bike, you don’t need a super powerful Mountain E-Bike… it would be a waste of power and money. So how do you know what style of E-Bike is best for you? Below, we break down each style of Electric Bike to help you decide which one is best for your situation.

Commuter E-Bikes:

Blue Fifield Bonfire 350 Electric Cruiser Bike - Side View

Commuting to work/school without a car is nothing new, especially in this environmentally conscious world. But many people choose not to commute because the distance is too far for a normal bike or they are worried about the dreaded sweaty back after a hard ride. For those people, a Commuter Electric Bike is the perfect vehicle to get too and from their everyday needs. Some of the key advantages of Commuter Electric Bikes are:

     * Long distant non-recreational rides (greater than 5 miles).
     * City commuting that reaches beyond the reach of E-bike share services.
     * Riders who want to bike at faster speeds.
     * Removing the expense and frustration of driving every day.
     * Contributing to a “carbon-free” environment.

Commuter Electric Bikes are balanced and built for comfort. Most Commuter E-bikes come with small to thin tires to help with maneuverability through traffic and urban environments.

Cruiser E-Bikes:

Blue EMOJO Breeze Electric Bike - On the sand

Many riders simply want an E-Bike that is perfect for the weekends. Maybe you just want to ride to the store and back or simply cruise down the beach and enjoy the outdoors. Cruiser Electric Bikes are the perfect fit. These bikes are made for fun weekend rides and are designed for all types of riders, but are enjoyed mostly by older riders. Some of the advantages for these older riders include:

     * Easy to get on and off with step-thru frames.
     * Larger tires to help with balance when riding.
     * Stylish classic frame design.
     * Many Cruiser E-bikes come with a basket or rack.

Electric Cruiser Bikes are not designed to take off-road or for long distances. If you are looking for an easy and relaxing assisted bike ride, the Electric Cruiser E-bike is one style you will want to consider.

Folding E-Bikes:

Those riders who live in a more urban area might not have the storage space for an Electric Bike, or maybe a rider is looking for an E-Bike that can be transported easily in a car trunk or RV. A Folding Electric Bike is a perfect choice. A Folding Electric Bike will typically fold at the center of the frame, and several of them also fold at the fork to give you the most storable electric bike possible. Some of the benefits of a Folding Electric Bike are:

   * Lighter frames for easy to carry and storage.
   * Long lasting batteries to make the ride worth the effort.
   * More options in transporting your E-Bike.
   * Many Folding E-Bikes come with fat tires for a smooth ride.

    Owning an electric bike no longer requires a large space to store your bike, folding E-Bikes give ANYONE the ability to own one. If you travel on public transportation a Folding E-Bike is perfect for your lifestyle. No long walks to the nearest bus station or trying to fit your bike into those small bike racks. A Folding Electric Bike removes all those worries for you.

    Fat Tire E-Bikes:

    The best part of purchasing a Fat Tire Electric Bike is the traction and control you get, especially over difficult terrains like snow and sand. This is ideal for those adventure riders who like to go off trail and desire to take their E-bike anywhere. It is also helpful to those beginner riders who are looking for a bit more balance in their bikes. The larger surface of the tires gives a rider an easier and more balanced ride. You can expect these benefits out of a Fat Tire Electric Bike:

         * Take your E-Bike anywhere no matter what the terrain is.
         * Bike no matter what the weather is like.
         * A well-balanced ride for beginner riders.
         * A unique look that is attractive to many riders.

    Riding a Fat Tire E-Bike is uniquely different than riding a normal sized tire E-bike. The smooth ride will give you a sense of stability that you might not have with other E-Bikes. Whether the terrain is snow, sand, or even just pavement, the 4” wide tires make your ride that much more fun!

    Mountain E-Bikes:

    Rambo Electric Mountain Bike 1000W Xtreme - Side View

    For riders who seek adventure off the beaten path, the Electric Mountain Bike is the perfect purchase. Designed and built to handle the rough terrain of outdoor riding with stronger frames and powerful motors. Electric Mountain Bikes tend to be more expensive because they tend to come with high-end components like hydraulic shocks, high-end brakes, and even a mid-drive motor. Many of the benefits of purchasing a Mountain E-Bike are:

       * Mid-drive motor (most MT E-bikes) for a well-balanced ride.
       * High-end suspension for truly all-terrain riding.
       * Long distance batteries (48V or higher) for long distance rides.
       * The heavy frame helps riders feel safer when riding off-road.

    Designed to explore the outdoors, assist with hunting, or taking on massive trail rides, Electric Mountain Bikes are perfect for the outdoors-man. Off-road tires and high-end shocks give you the confidence to be able to ride on pavement, dirt, mud, or any other terrain.

    Now that you have an idea of each of the Electric Bike styles, you can make the best decision on which one suits your personal needs.

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