Fifield E-Bikes

Fifield E-Bikes are made by a company that is obsessed with making your ride more efficient and effective! For more than 90 years, Fifiled was an innovative specialty fabric provider, until founder Ed Martin realized his passion and began to design and build E-Bikes. After enlisting the aid of many different electric bike designers, Mr. Martin focused his mission on creating a better electric bike then what was on the market. 

Fifield offers a wide range of E-Bikes, including their customer E-Bikes Chatham and Caladesi built by hand by master bike builder Ted Wojcik. These electric bikes are built by hand in the United States and give you that custom look and feel to your bike. Rarely will you find an E-Bike that has as much care put into creating them!

Fifield e-Bikes: Our Story from Fifield e-Bikes on Vimeo.


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