3 Health Benefits of Riding an E-Bike to Work Every Day

It seems like just about every street corner has an E-Bike rental station, and it’s a good thing, too. These handy bike kiosks give the cycling enthusiast access to a bike when he or she doesn’t have one, can get you to a destination quicker than taking a bus or a taxi and promotes energy conservation.They also encourage non-cyclists to give the sport a try. If you’ve never tried an eBike, but are considering taking one to work, here are three reasons why you should.


Healthier Body Weight

Consistently riding an E-Bike can make a significant difference in your weight. These bikes can be just as effective as a regular bike.  There is one caveat, however. Since eBikes give you the option of pedaling or using the electronic power to ride, you must pedal the bike regularly through most of your ride to work to get the benefits of riding. Simply put, don’t always rely on the electronic power if you are seeking the health benefits. 


Stronger Bones

Low bone mass from a sedentary lifestyle can put you at risk for conditions such as compression fractures and osteoporosis. Osteopenia is considered a mid-point between healthy bones and osteoporosis. This is when the bones are weak, but don’t necessarily fracture. After a person turns 50, the chances of getting osteopenia increase. Those who exercise regularly can sidestep many of these issues because regular exercise in a person’s later years is associated with denser bones. Riding an e-Bike to work gives you the chance to exercise some of your biggest and most important bones on a regular basis, thus helping to prevent the onset of weak bones.


A Booster

The standard E-Bike functions as an “in-between” of sorts, meaning that the rider can power it by pedaling or by electronic power. This option works wonders for those who are out of shape and for older riders who may need a bit of extra help as they exercise. It’s the E-Bike’s electronic function that proves to be the game changer. The E-Bike is hugely beneficial if you live in a city with high elevation gains. 

The motorized component of the E-Bike allows those who are getting back into shape the option to use the motor on more difficult parts of their ride, like when they’re going uphill. Also, the motor comes in handy if the rider inadvertently overdoes it and only finds this out when they’re out really far. In these cases, the E-Bike acts as a booster that allows the rider to still ride a bike but to get help when it’s necessary, too. There’s no doubt about it: Riding a bike to work is a great way to build exercise into your daily routine. Better yet, E-Bikes, with their motorized component, make riding to work an option for those who are out of shape. Best of all, riding an E-Bike gives you all the same benefits that other bikes do. It’s possible to both lose weight and gain bone mass just from riding an eBike on the regular.

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