Hi-Power Cycles

Hi-Power Cycles was founded in early 2008 with a team made up of engineers, mechanics, professional riders, and E-Bike enthusiasts. Each E-Bike goes through an intense set of field tests and vetting to make sure you the customer gets the best product on the market. Many manufacturers put together pre-fab bikes that fall apart at high speeds... HPC craft each electric bike by hand to make sure that each component fits perfectly and lasts for years.

These high-performance E-Bikes offer a silent, high powered, and smooth ride, if you are an off-road rider, you need an HPC E-Bike! These electric bikes are as lightweight as possible, come standard with a mid-drive motor system, and have the best climbing performance of any E-Bike on the market. The 'motorcycle' style look gives you the look and feels of a high powered motorcycle while still being environmentally friendly.


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