Kiwano Warranty

One Year Limited Warranty

We provide a one-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase for all Kiwano products. Even though we pack our products carefully, minor cracks and dents can occur during shipping, if you believe you have received a unit with shipping damage, please contact us before using your Kiwano device within 14 days of purchase.

After an inspection from our team, complimentary spare parts could be delivered at no additional cost granted unit has not been used. If you believe your unit has technical problems, please contact us within 14 days of purchase. Kiwano reserves the right to deny any return.

Please provide a valid proof of purchase in your initial inquiry, such as your order number, or a receipt from an authorized retailer. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the warranty to products without proof of purchase.

This warranty strictly does not cover damages that arose from negligence, misuse, wear and tear, or not in accordance with product instructions (dropping the product, etc.)

Product Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing any problems with your Kiwano product, please contact us.

Please clearly specify the issue with your purchased item. If the problem cannot be resolved and the items were purchased within 14 days, we will issue you a full refund including all delivery charges.

Detailed Limited Product Warranty Policy

We at Kiwano warrant our products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase of the product by a consumer (the “Warranty Period”). Kiwano does not warrant and is not responsible for, any smartphone or other device made by anyone other than Kiwano. If a Kiwano material or workmanship defect arises with regard to any Kiwano product, and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, we will at our option: (i) repair the Kiwano product using new or refurbished parts; (ii) replace the Kiwano product with a new or refurbished Kiwano product; or (iii) refund the purchase price of Kiwano the defective Kiwano product. For the purposes of this limited warranty, “refurbished” means a product or part that has been substantially returned to its original specifications. In the event of a defect, these are your exclusive remedies.

Except for the limited warranty expressly set forth above or to the extent restricted or prohibited by applicable law, Kiwano expressly disclaims any and all other warranties express or implied, including any warranty of quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and you specifically agree that Kiwano shall not be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive or consequential damages for breach of any warranty of any type on any Kiwano product. For the avoidance of doubt, the limited warranty does not cover damages that arose from negligence, misuse, wear-and-tear or failure to follow the product instructions (e.g. dropping the product etc.). In addition to and without limiting the generality of the foregoing disclaimers, the limited warranty does not, under any circumstances, cover the replacement or cost of any electronic device (including but not limited to any mobile phone devices) or personal property inside or outside of the Kiwano product.

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