Juiced Bikes Limited Warranty

Juiced Bikes Limited Warranty

At Juiced Bikes, we take great pride in the quality and durability of our products. We’re confident that you will be impressed as well, and we stand behind all of our products. Every bike/e-bike we sell is covered by a limited 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects subject to the terms below:

Covered Products:

  1. This warranty applies only to products, parts, & components (hereafter PRODUCTS) that have been manufactured, assembled, or sold in new condition by Juiced Bikes/Juiced Riders, Inc (hereafter, JUICED).
  2. This warranty applies only to replacement/repair of PRODUCTS in the case of a manufacturing flaw in materials or workmanship, in accordance with the Scope of Warranty Service, and subject to any and all exclusions, limitations, and procedures explained below.
  3. This warranty is not transferable in any way and may not be exercised by anyone other than the original retail buyer (hereafter BUYER) of the PRODUCTS, only if the BUYER has retained constant ownership of the PRODUCTS since their original purchase of the PRODUCTS and only to PRODUCTS purchased in new condition either directly from JUICED, or from an authorized dealer of JUICED who in turn purchased or received the bike directly from JUICED (e.g., this warranty does not apply to used or second-hand bikes, nor does it apply to pre-owned PRODUCTS).

Warranty Period:

  1. Battery packs are covered under warranty for a period of 2 years, or until the cumulative total lifetime battery charging exceeds 1000 times the battery’s initial nominal charge capacity
  2. For all other PRODUCTS, this warranty expires 2 years from the date the PRODUCTS were delivered to the BUYER unless excluded from warranty or otherwise voided from coverage under warranty

Warranty Exclusions:

The intent of this warranty is to ensure that the BUYER of any new PRODUCTS sold by JUICED or any JUICED product sold by an authorized JUICED dealer will receive a quality product, free of manufacturing flaws. This warranty should not be considered to be an insurance policy against any damage occurring after the products are received, nor as explicit or implicit acceptance by JUICED of responsibility for the consequences resulting from the failure of any PRODUCTS, irrespective of whether the failure itself is covered by this warranty.

In addition, the following situations are excluded from this warranty or lead to exclusion from this warranty:

  1. Warranty claims not made in accordance with Warranty Claims Process (explained below)
  2. PRODUCTS with technical alterations that have been made without the approval of the manufacturer
  3. PRODUCTS with alterations to or additions to which use incompatible or non-original parts
  4. Damage to or failure of PRODUCTS resulting from weather or ordinary wear and tear.
  5. Theft, robbery, vandalism, intentional damage, damage resulting from bumps and scrapes after possession of the PRODUCTS has been transferred to the BUYER.
  6. PRODUCTS that haven’t been manufactured or sold by JUICED
  7. Incidental/consequential damage or injury
  8. PRODUCTS that have been used or transported inappropriately or improperly (e.g., by loading a JUICED bike above the maximum weight recommendation)
  9. PRODUCTS with damage resulting from improper maintenance (e.g., storing battery fully discharged over the winter)
  10. Any electrical component that has been opened, altered, partially disassembled, or completely disassembled except by JUICED or an authorized JUICED dealer.
  11. Any PRODUCTS that have been disassembled in a manner not authorized by JUICED or that have had repairs attempted by anyone not authorized by JUICED.
  12. PRODUCTS that have been damaged due to improper adjustment or worn components
  13. PRODUCTS with damage resulting from an accident
  14. PRODUCTS that have been lent, leased, or rented commercially
  15. Bicycles not registered with JUICED by the BUYER within 90 days of delivery/sale
  16. Warranty shall not apply to PRODUCTS and/or situations in accordance with the terms of a specific sale (e.g., scratches and dents to scratch & dent discounted merchandise)
  17. Cleaning of any PRODUCTS
  18. PRODUCTS that were not purchased by BUYER in new condition

Scope of Warranty Service:

In the case of a warranty claim within the warranty period for a non-excluded situation JUICED agrees to repair or replace the failed warrantied PRODUCTS with equivalent parts/accessories/components at the discretion of JUICED, by JUICED, an authorized JUICED dealer, or by a third-party with the approval of JUICED. Replacement parts may
not be identical to those being replaced.

Any additional non-warranty work done concurrently with a warranty repair/replacement will be subject to ordinary parts/labor fees. This includes anything not included in the warranty as well as anything excluded from the warranty.

No service, repair, or parts replacement provided under warranty will extend the original warranty period.

Warranty Claims Process:

  1. Register your bike within 90 days of purchase. Other products do not require registration
  2. If you suspect that any part/component is defective, do not attempt to repair or replace it yourself or to have it repaired or replaced before contacting JUICED— doing so may invalidate your warranty and may cause additional damage, not necessarily limited to the PRODUCTS in question, and may also create the risk of injury.
  3. Contact JUICED using our online warranty claims form, which can be found at OR contact any authorized JUICED dealer (a list can be found at
  4. We will contact you to make plans for inspection and any warranty repairs.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Any provision of this agreement deemed to be invalid or unenforceable shall be interpreted, unless prohibited by law, in accordance with the provision’s intent and in consideration of applicable laws and corresponding industry

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