E-GO BIKE Limited Warranty

E-GO BIKE Limited Warranty

These ebikes come with a 24-month all-inclusive warranty. If you should ever have problems contact us. We will get back to you within 1 business day (510.706.5403 or 510.862.3158).

We have found many bike shops that don’t sell ebikes have no problem working on ebikes with typical bike problems like flat tires, chain and derailed adjustments, spoke adjustments and the like. If there is a motor or controller problem you or your local bike shop can contact us. We can also find you a local shop to do warranty repairs. The replacement parts and shipping are free.

After you drop off your ebike we will communicate directly with the bike shop mechanic. They will contact you when the job is finished. And please let us know how great a job they did so we can recommend them to others.

Please Call: 510.706.5403 or 510.862.3158

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