Populo Bikes

The sole purpose of Populo Bikes is to build bikes that make cycling for play and work accessible to all people. When a rider chooses a Populo bike, they receive an easy to assemble E-Bike at a great price. Populo Bikes are electric bikes made for riders by riders and include pedal assist motors with a rechargeable battery. These electric bikes allow you to choose the exact amount of pedal assist you require easily on the display found on the handlebars. 

As soon as you start to pedal the powerful Populo electric motor begins to take hold and you can feel the amazing power under your feet. This helps level the playing field between a fast rider vs. a slow rider. This gives the whole family an opportunity to ride together with no one falling behind! The Populo E-Bikes are perfect for recreation, commuting, or fitness the Populo Bikes can make it possible.


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